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Pool and Hot Tub Service in North Carolina

The last thing you want to come home to is a dirty pool, hot tub, or swim spa. Or a costly repair, for that matter! That’s when our service and repair solutions can come in handy. Our service technicians can provide you with helpful services, from cleaning and inspections to routine maintenance, water testing, and more.

Hot Tub Service In Greensboro And Garner

So, you’ve made the choice to invest in a hot tub. Well, we don’t blame you. It just might be one of the best home improvement ideas you’ve ever had. It doesn’t take long for spending time in a spa to become a part of your regular routine. At Paradise Pools and Spas, we take your relaxation and enjoyment very seriously. With our hot tub service, repairs, and maintenance solutions, you can enjoy your hot tub while we take care of the rest. From start to finish, we offer it all. 

When you buy a hot tub, we offer free delivery and installation services – and that’s only the beginning. From then on, we can take care of all your long-term maintenance and the repairs, too! If you think that something isn’t operating quite right within your system, simply come in for a quick in-store water test. It takes 60 seconds and we can explore the results right away. If you suspect the issue might range further than the water, we can send a technician to your home for an inspection at your earliest convenience.

Parts, Accessories and Water Care Essentials

We are signed on with five of the largest spa parts distributors, so we offer assistance in either ordering a part, accessory, or chemical that you are specifically needing and want to install yourself, or one that will require our technical services. The established relationships that we have with these distributors allow us to competitively price our parts, accessories, and chemicals. We can also easily “drop ship” any of these items to your home, giving our business efficiency and flexibility.

Technical Services

We have over 15 years of experience with these technical services: Electrical testing and connection to the spa. Installation of electrical spa hardware including motherboards, topside spa controls, radios, speakers, high-speed jet pumps, circulation pumps, blowers, heaters, relays, contactors, transformers, pressure switches, circuit breakers, GFCI’s, ozonators, sensors, thermostats, time clocks, and lighting. Extraction and installation of plumbing hardware including flex line, straight pipe, unions, elbows, slips, barbed connections, valves, jet assemblies, air injectors, manifolds, o-rings, pump seals, skimmers, filter assemblies, suction fittings, tubing, and light assemblies. Installation of: spa cabinetry, cover lifters, covers, headrests, jets, blower caps, waterfall features, and handrails.


We can help troubleshoot the problems occurring with your hot tub, swim spa, or pool.

Customer Responsibilities:


It is the customer’s responsibility to keep their tub and pipes from freezing while waiting on parts to arrive and when the tub needs to be drained.


Hot tub manufacturers carry unique warranties, which our company may honor. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact the retailer from which they purchased their hot tub.

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