Poolife™ TurboShock™ Shock Treatment: Cal Hypo Shock

About Poolife™ TurboShock™ Shock Treatment: Cal Hypo Shock

The strongest Cal Hypo shock product in the industry! Dissolves quickly and completely to combat algae and bacteria and keep pool water sparkling clean and clear with less work.

– Quickly and easily combat algae and bacteria with the strongest Cal Hypo shock in the industry
– Step 2 of the 3-step Poolife™ MPT Extra™ System, Poolife™ TurboShock keeps pool water clean and crystal clear
– Quick-dissolving cal hypo shock, great for all pool surfaces
– Use Poolife™ TurboShock to shock treat pool water once a week — no need to pre-dissolve Poolife’s cal hypo shock
– For best results, test and balance your pool water then follow the easy step-by-step, on-pack instructions to shock treat with Poolife cal hypo shock

Active ingredient: 78% Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal Hypo)

Features of the Poolife™ TurboShock™ Shock Treatment: Cal Hypo Shock Gazebo

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