Poolife™ pH Minus: pH Decreaser for Pool

About Poolife™ pH Minus: pH Decreaser for Pool

Simple but super effective, pH Minus lowers the pH and total alkalinity of your swimming pool water. Using a pH decreaser for pool will ensure your sanitizer works effectively while preventing scale, eye irritation, and skin discomfort.

– Keeps pH levels between 7.2-7.6 — use Poolife™ pH Minus to calm pH levels when they jump above 7.2
– Decreases pool water pH levels and total alkalinity to ensure sanitizers work effectively and the party continues
– Our pH decreaser for pool will prevent skin and eye irritation and protects pool equipment from scale build up
– Great for all pool sizes and types — refer to the convenient dosage chart included on the back of the package
– The pH decreaser for pool is easy-to-use so you can spend less time maintaining pool water and more time living your best pool life

Features of the Poolife™ pH Minus: pH Decreaser for Pool Gazebo

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