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About the Stream Hot Tub

The most current urban spa on the market with unique ergonomics that will meet all your needs.

Features of the Stream Hot Tub

Air control valve

An on-off air control button enables you to easily set your jet action. You can enjoy your massage with or without an air mix. It also makes it simple to stop the air before you replace your cover.

Insulation for extreme weather

Thermo-layer high-performance reflective film forms a tight curtain around the spa, keeping the heat inside and leaves the cold out. This type of insulation referred to as the ?thermal cabin effect? is very efficient and will provide excellent insulation to your spa.

Carrying handles

To facilitate transport or travel from home to the cottage, we have integrated carrying handles in the Stream mold on each side of the spa. This way, the spa is easily transportable by two people.

Cascading waterfall

Adjustable cascading waterfall with multicolor L.E.D. backlighting.
Overflow with integrated coasters.
Includes a control valve that lets you adjust the waterfall flow in order to have the power that suits your level of relaxation.

Ergonomie incroyable

3 versatile seats with an ergonomic bed which doubles as a ?Love seat?.
Angle at the knee optimized for better comfort in the spa. Seat backrest with a unique angle at each position allowing diversity and a massage unique to each seat.
2 ?Cool seat? rest seats allowing you to sit higher and relax without massage. Ideal for people 5? to 6?3? (152cm & 191 cm).

Easy control Whirlpool jet

Ultra-powerful jet allowing control of very precise massage zones in the spa. Equipped with 4 positions/functions allowing you to have control on one side or the other of the spa as well as on the entire spa. The last position allows you to centralize the entire power of the spa in the Whirlpool jet, thus creating an ultra-powerful and impressive jet allowing a deep massage of the back, legs or arms, depending on your location in the spa.

L.E.D.-illuminated exterior corners

The spa is equipped with color-changing L.E.D. corner lights. These lights will illuminate your spa and its surrounding areas to create a peaceful oasis conducive to relaxation. You have access to a selection of colors and rhythms that will meet your needs.

Triangulation massage & more..

Our spa features a unique type of triangulation massage. Each jet gap is different from top to bottom and bottom to the top, providing a unique massage experience at every seat.

Optional Features of the Stream Hot Tub

No hassle installation

No site preparation. Sits on any solid and level surface. Our spas are freestanding and made of one solid piece (monocoque). This explains why you don?t have any complicated preparation to do before installation.

Plug & Play

No electrician required for 120v installation. 100% convertible to 240v if needed (by an electrician). Plugs directly into the wall. Totally sealed and protected bottom
One-piece spa (monocoque) Easy-care material


We chose the best material for the structure for our spas: virtually indestructible and lightweight, polyethylene doesn?t retain bacteria and prevents its development.

100% serviceable

Removable dual-access panels on all 4 sides of the spa. Easy removable and reusable insulation. Compared to the industry standard spa, the Fantom is easy access and requires no long and complicated procedures to access the equipment.

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